Office Workstations Guide: Things only the industry insiders know!

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Every industry has its well-kept secrets. Whether it is the memorization skills of doctors in medicine, or the recipe of a Coca Cola drink – these insider secrets are the foundations of the specialist knowledge that industry insiders have. If the insiders are there to help the customers, it helps everyone.

office workstations guide

The same holds true for the office furniture industry as well. Over the years of having operated in this industry, we have helped our clients take the insiders’ view at it. This helps them get the necessary perspective required to make the right decisions throughout the office workstation buying process.

Recently, we thought – why not just put it out for everyone to see? After all, knowledge becomes valuable only when it’s spread. So, here are the insider’s secrets of the office furniture industry that will help you make more effective decisions in your furniture buying process:

Office Workstations Guide Tip #1. It’s not about the price. It’s all about the value.

You must have read this line on the prospectus of pretty much every service provider’s marketing collateral. You, as a business operator, might even have grown agnostic to the very idea of generating value because apparently all service providers seem to promise value creation and reality often tends to fall short of these promises.

We have observed over several years, that office workstations have the potential of adding or destroying the value created in a workspace. Right back to back office workstations will prove to be tools of productivity that will help employees increase their daily output and help the business grow over the longer run. Hence, ideal furniture will have the right features and qualities that your employees seek, even if it seems a bit distant from the price tag you had planned for.

Office Workstations Guide Tip #2. A design that does not solve a business problem, is a luxury.

Every business owner wants to provide an environment where employees can come, feel energized and motivated to work. Companies such as Google and Apple often spend hundreds of millions of dollars in ensuring that the office space they have is very relaxing. The same luxury is not available to growing companies.

If you are running a growing business, you must be well aware of the constraints you are facing. Hence, the design of the furniture as well as the office, should be targeted towards solving some tangible problem that the business is facing.

We help businesses by providing a free office design consultation and a free space planning consultation session. At the end of both these sessions, you will be confident that every inch of your office is utilized in a way that still helps your employees feel relaxed and motivated to work.

Office Workstations Guide Tip #3. Want to extract maximum value out of your office furniture? Focus on getting it installed precisely.

Very often, business managers don’t pay the attention required to the furniture installation process. This process can have a deep impact on the usable life of the furniture. Everyone in the industry knows this – the probability of a piece of furniture breaking down increases significantly if it is not installed by an expert.

Hence, we provide free delivery of furniture across Australia but charge a small fee to ensure we are sending the finest experts in the industry to come and install your furniture at your office.