Working long hours? Your employees might need Sit-Stand Office Workstations

Working long hours? Your employees might need Sit-Stand Office Workstations 1

Some offices go beyond just these desks. They incorporate an entire gamut of furniture that revolves around the philosophy of healthy working. This includes height adjustable desks and chairs, along with sit-stand office workstations.
If you are concerned about incorporating this initiative into your office design and plans, you don’t have to worry about it. We provide a free office design consultation along with a free office planning consultation session. Now, you can take care of the most important asset of your organization, without hampering the space you have available in your office. […]

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Office Workstations Guide: Things only the industry insiders know!

insiders guide

Every industry has its well-kept secrets. Whether it is the memorization skills of doctors in medicine, or the recipe of a Coca Cola drink – these insider secrets are the foundations of the specialist knowledge that industry insiders have. If the insiders are there to help the customers, it helps everyone. The same holds true for the office furniture industry as well. Over the years of having operated in this industry, we have helped our clients take the insiders’ view at it. This helps them get the necessary perspective required to make the right decisions throughout the office workstation buying process. Recently, we thought – why not just put it out for everyone to see? After all, knowledge becomes valuable […]

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Looking to Buy Office Workstations: 5 Easy ways to help you save money

help you save money

Before you buy office workstations, there are things to consider to save money. We understand that a business manager may not know how can the office workstation buying process have an impact on her bottom line, but with our years of experience, we have seen a clear pattern. Majority of business operators and office managers consider the office furniture buying industry an amalgamation of commodity businesses. You are selling furniture; how can you differentiate your offering! We beg to differ. One of the most common enquiries we keep getting from businesses that want to avail our services is somewhere in the lines of – How can you guys help us save money? And every single time, it makes us feel […]

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Buying office workstations? Here is how you can maximize productivity with it

Buying office workstations? Here is how you can maximize productivity with it 2

If someone asked you the definition of office furniture, how would you do it? From our years of experience, we have seen business operators define furniture somewhere in the following set of words: a. It’s a set of office workstations and desks. b. It’s a set of depreciating assets. c. It’s a piece of aesthetic appeal and does nothing more than that. d. Who cares? Sit on it and work. While we understand that you, as a business operator, or an office manager might have a lot to think about, beyond defining the furniture you possess. The point is – how you define it, will reflect your perspective on how to use it. In the real world, office furniture is […]

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