Looking to Buy Office Workstations: 5 Easy ways to help you save money

help you save money

Before you buy office workstations, there are things to consider to save money.

We understand that a business manager may not know how can the office workstation buying process have an impact on her bottom line, but with our years of experience, we have seen a clear pattern.

Majority of business operators and office managers consider the office furniture buying industry an amalgamation of commodity businesses. You are selling furniture; how can you differentiate your offering! We beg to differ.

One of the most common enquiries we keep getting from businesses that want to avail our services is somewhere in the lines of – How can you guys help us save money? And every single time, it makes us feel happier when we let them know.

Save Money When you buy office workstations in brisbane cbd

Here are 5 easy ways we help businesses save more when they buy office workstations:

1. We help you map the needs of your employees.

The biggest mistake you can make as an office manager is not to buy expensive furniture, but buying office furniture that seems cheap but in reality, is not that relevant for your employees’ needs. In the long run, by hampering daily productivity, such furniture causes more issues.

All our engagements with growing businesses, we start by helping them understand the needs of their employees. More often than not, this is a mix of the industry they are in, the work culture they have and the stage of business growth they are in. At the end of this process, you will know as a business operator, what is the exact type of back to back office workstation, that will fit your budget and increase the productivity of your employees, thereby eventually bringing down the costs.

2. We help you maximize the square foot utilization of your office space before you buy office workstations

Wouldn’t you want a magic wand that would somehow let you have infinite office space? Well, all of us are facing a common constraint – real estate space in all major CBDs across Australia is limited, and only getting more expensive.

Now, when we get started with helping you, we provide you with a free space planning consultation session, where we use design thinking to maximize the space utilization in your office. If you know the growth trajectory you are on, we can help you plan for the future – today.

3. We help you save money on interior designing and planning

The next major cost that new office managers have to face, is commissioning an interior designer to help them get the office interiors right. The problem is that office interior designing is a niche when compared to the general home interior designing business. Hence, the designers who come may not necessarily be as effective as you would want them to be.

We provide you with a free office design consultation session that will help you build an office space your employees would love coming to.

4. We help you bring down delivery costs

The next major cost you will have to incur, immediately after you have bought a 2, 3, 4 or 6-person office workstation, would be the cost you incur to get it delivered. How can we help you save money here? We provide free delivery across all major CBDs in Australia.

4. We decrease the furniture maintenance costs

Finally, we understand that the majority of the office furniture maintenance costs go in readjusting the furniture itself. Hence, for a tiny fee, we send industry experts to come and install the furniture at your office.