4 Ways office workstations help you maximize your space utilization

4 Ways office workstations help you maximize your space utilization 1

The burning problem is – how does one ensure that whatever office space is available, is utilized to the best, without hurting productivity or employee morale? That is where we come into picture. We have been helping businesses of all scales and sizes buy the office workstations they need while keeping in mind that the office space is utilized to the most optimal way possible.

We help businesses by providing them with a free space planning consultation session, using a few variables which are very important for the office and the business.

office workstations space utilization

Here is our comprehensive guide to help you ensure every inch of your office space is optimized for productivity:

1. Start with understanding the minimum needs of your business, in terms of furniture and office workstations

As an office manager, your preliminary responsibility must be to have an intimate understanding of the resources required to run daily operations. But before you get started with buying back to back office workstations, sit with your employees and see what are the top priority resources they need every day.

For instance, if you are running your business in a relatively smaller office space, you might be imagining how to arrange the 2, 3, 4 or 6-person office workstation. When the space is so scarce, you should get rid of anything that does not contribute directly to the work. In this case, there is no need for beanbags or office storage units. Hence, the choice of right workstations automatically helps you maximise space utilization.

2. Have a strategic idea of the expansion plans you have for the coming years

Buying office furniture becomes an art the moment you integrate it with your strategic initiatives. As a business operator, you should have your business strategy clearly figured out. Once you have a sound understanding of how your business will evolve over the years, you will also have a tentative figure of how many people will it take to run the show.

Obviously, growing businesses may choose to pivot to one business from another. You may actually end up being a leaner business or a heavy enterprise, but by all means, try to plan for the higher scale of things. Once you have this number ready, plan for office workstations using this very number.

This way, you will be buying the furniture you will need in the future at today’s prices, managing the expense burden, taking advantage of the depreciation you get and immune yourself from getting exposed to immediate furniture needs in the future.

3. Don’t put aesthetics on the top of your list; but don’t ignore them altogether

Sometimes, office managers focus only on functionalities and end up with an office space that looks no different than an old factory floor. This may keep your employees focused for a few weeks after renovation, but it will make them feel more tired in the coming years.

Hence, we provide you with a free design consultation session as well. You may not need a ton of paintings in the lobby, but getting an office workstation with a vibrant feel can help you keep the office feel fresh every day.

4. Pay attention to installation as well

Finally, even if this doesn’t make immediate logical sense, pay attention to the installation. Installation, if not done the right way, will make your workstations vulnerable in terms of strength and may make them occupy more space than they should. We will provide you with free delivery across all major CBDs in Australia and for a small fee, send expert servicemen at your office to take care of the installation.