Working long hours? Your employees might need Sit-Stand Office Workstations

Office workstations tend to play a singular role – help employees ramp up their productivity. That said, when work hours are prolonged and intense, it does take a toll on the employee’s health. This is where the same Sit-Stand office workstations can serve as tools for taking care of health.

Long working hours have become the norm in almost every industry. When it comes to product development and financial services, some employees even wear their long working hours as their badges of honour. While this might look good on paper, it does not seem healthy in the long run.

Confused? You don’t have to be. We have been helping businesses understand the nature of office furniture they need at their premises. So, before we get started, run this preliminary diagnosis in the form of questions you ask your workforce:

1. How many hours do you work in an average week?

This number should contain the exact number of hours they are working; any time taken off for calls, social media or meetings would be excluded.

2. What percentage of work time do you spend on your desk, uninterrupted?

It is a simple calculation. Let’s say you are working 8 hours a day. Of these 8 hours, you’re spending at least 4 hours a day without even standing up from your desk. So, your answer for this question becomes 50%.

3. What is your average daily calorie intake?

Adult men should be taking approximately 2500 calories a day and adult women should be taking 2000 calories a day.

4. Do you have an active fitness routine outside of work? If yes, how many calories do you burn every day?

This little questionnaire will give you a very deep understanding of the fitness levels of your employees. Your employees are the assets of your business. You take care of your assets and you will fetch the necessary returns automatically.

Enter Sit-Stand Office Workstations


So, now that you have a broad understanding of where do your employees stand on the fitness scale, it is time to take things in your hands. It is not easy for you to manage their calorie intake or workflow. That said, you can help them with burning more calories a day, by providing them with sit stand desks. A normal weighing person can burn as many as 100 calories an hour, by simply standing and doing her/his work.

Some offices go beyond just these desks. They incorporate an entire gamut of furniture that revolves around the philosophy of healthy working. This includes height adjustable desks and chairs, along with sit-stand office workstations.
If you are concerned about incorporating this initiative into your office design and plans, you don’t have to worry about it. We provide a free office design consultation along with a free office planning consultation session. Now, you can take care of the most important asset of your organization, without hampering the space you have available in your office.