Expanding your business? Here is how to plan for buying additional office workstations!

A growing business comes with its own set of challenges. One of these many challenges is – having to plan for buying additional office workstations.

Having a fast growing business is a beautiful problem to have. Many entrepreneurs would go leaps and bounds to exchange places with you if you are running a growing business.

Over the years of having worked with several growing businesses, we have developed an understanding on how the most successful business operators and owners usually scale their business. They all have a common understanding on how the furniture will play a critical role in scaling.

buy additional office workstations

So, here is how to plan for buying additional office workstations if you are expanding your business:

1. Plan at least 5 years into the future.

Majority of the businesses grow because of very deliberate planning and hard work. If you have an organized strategy in place, plug it into your furniture buying process as well.

So you have 10 employees right now but might have 100 in the next five years. How do you plan for it? Keep the space free and think about the funds. If feasible, start buying the basic materials already.

2. Scaling value is better for the business than saving a few bucks.

This is the usual calculation in the office managers’ heads – if I save A$100 on one office workstations, I will save A$1000 on ten workstations! That is the wrong way of looking at it.

The problem is – if you look at furniture this way, you will never consider it an asset. Hence, eventually, you will end up using the back to back office workstations as depreciating assets. Your goal should be to extract maximum value from it. In order to do this, have a clear idea of what value does one unit of furniture provide to your business.

Does the extra drawer give your employees more convenience? Does the extra desk space help them stay more organized? Does the office storage unit help them save time? Great. Now, instead of thinking about the costs of any of these furniture pieces, think about the incremental productivity bump they will give your employees. So, when you scale this, the productivity levels will also go up. That will create real value for the business.

3. Have partnerships in place, that will help you in all the areas of the purchase when you’re ready to buy additional office workstations

Running a business is like raising a child for many entrepreneurs and hence they want to take care of every aspect of the business all by themselves. That said, you wouldn’t coach your toddler on how to swim if you yourself have never stepped into a waterbody larger than a bathtub. The same applies to your business. As far as office interior planning, space planning and installation are concerned, have experts do it all for you.

This is why we provide a free office design consultation session, followed by a free space planning consultation session and for a minute fee, we send a team of expert servicemen to install your office furniture in Brisbane.