5 Things to take special care of, when getting your office workstations installed

Over the course of several earlier blogs, we have discussed the significance of every single step in the office workstations purchase process. One of the key steps we often put a special emphasis on is the installation process.

We do provide free office design consultation and a free space planning consultation, but we are yet to start with a free furniture maintenance consultation. Since we are not doing that, we are providing you the take of our experts on five things to take special care of, when getting your office workstations installed in Brisbane CBD:

Office Workstations Installed Brisbane CBD

1. Pay attention to the edges of the furniture.

In majority of the cases where back to back office workstations get damaged, it can all be attributed to the edges of the workstations. Having a workstation that is damaged at the centre is a rather rare case. We have seen over the years, that usually the furniture starts wearing off from the edges.

It may not seem obvious, but this is usually a result of the edges and what are they in contact with. Many a time, office managers put workstations in a way that is really compact and the workstations are very close to the walls. At the end of the years, the workstations have worn off on the edges and have even damaged the walls. So, be careful while getting the furniture installed – keep it away from other objects and make sure the edges are smooth enough.

2. Be very clear about the space it was supposed to cover versus the space it is covering during office workstations installation

You can use the space planning ideas as the benchmarks to ensure that the furniture is installed the right way. For instance, if a 2, 3, 4 or 6-person office workstation is taking more space than it was supposed to take, it is either because it hasn’t been installed properly, a problem that is fixable; or, your space plan was not accurate – which will be a bigger problem.

3. Have a deeper understanding of the material used in your Office Workstations.

It is a common tendency of office managers to not pay enough attention to the furniture, once it has been bought. Usually, office workstations are not made of any material that requires great attention. That said, you should still be sure what the furniture is made of. This will make you aware of any special attention you should be paying to the furniture.

4. Get in touch with someone who can give you a detailed guide on how to service it.

Your job does not end after the furniture has been installed. As soon as you have it installed, ask the servicemen to give you a comprehensive guide on how to service the furniture – how to keep it polished, clean and tighten up from time to time. This will save you a ton of time and resources in the future.

5. Get an expert to do it all for you.

The most efficient way of doing all of this is not doing any of it at all, and getting an expert to do it all for you. This is why, for a nominal fee, we send a team of experts at your office’s doorsteps to do it all for you.